What we do

Tables offers comprehensive management, application, and design services for hospitality groups. We combine the right professionals in unique constellations to solve and create the perfect solution.

We take a total business design approach from how people flow in the interior to data mapping across multiple business applications. Our vision is to createcarefully designed spaces that positively impact people beyond their immediate experience.


From art direction to number crunching, our curated network of professionals deliver an executable strategy. We take your idea or concept and mold into a roadmap for success. Our partners represent a diverse background of skills, giving us a swiss army knife of resources to best execute the vision.


Hospitality projects tend to be messy and our role is to keep the vision and goals on track through communication and organization.

Back OfficeAutomation

We rethink how hospitality groups invest time and resources in low-value added tasks. Employees in traditional back office roles get bogged down by repetitive tasks such as creating reports and data collection that inevitably distract them from more strategic initiatives that grow the business. Utilizing application program interfaces (APIs) and machine learning automation we are able to reduce the man hours needed to operate your back office.


Starting a new hospitality project is never easy and often the most difficult part is talent discovery and maintaining a professional workplace. We have you covered in theseaspects and are able to build your team through cost effective solutions.


We communicate the core values of your brand through expert level publicity, marketing, and event planning . Finding traction can be difficult, especially with so many different channels to spread your message. Our network of professional cultivates the optimal solution to fit your needs and budget.


The strategy and implementation phases are complete. We can complete your team with C suite services as well as lower level roles to perform overhead tasks in all aspects of the business including financial planning & analysis, automated accounting, on demand HR, and marketing support.

Paul Ambrose started Tables because of his love of the shared table restaurant experience when traveling. His education and professional experience in accounting and finance created an untraditional path to the hospitality industry, but after changing career directions he wanted to focus on working with creative professionals to create an experiential flow in both design and operations. His passion for discovering unexpected design through travel and the enjoyment of meeting new people has propelled his vision for Tables.